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Top 10 testimonials of the moment

Thousands of HGV drivers and transport office staff rely on recruitment businesses to find the perfect job. Here you will find our ‘Top 10 testimonials of the moment’. Each has been received from our own successful candidates.

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  • Great company to work at.  Always friendly  on the phone and when I come to the office. Also offer good rate of pay

    Bartosz Bartoszak - HGV 1 Driver Nottingham

  • I have never had a bad word to say about your company. Great communication in the office and always offered me consistent work. Your company have never missed a payment in all the years I have worked here. Overall I am happy with the service and the way we work together.

    Stuart Thorpe - HGV 1 Driver. Nottingham

  • I would like to thank you for the opportunities to work with you again this year (this is the 4th year). I would like to say you provide me with the very best work when I need it.

    Neil Pepper. HGV 1 Driver. Norfolk

  • I have been with you since 2007 and grateful for the consistent work you have given me. You have been very loyal to me over the years.

    Dave Hancock - HGV Driver Nottingham

  • I have been with you for 10 years now and still enjoy working here. Everyone makes me feel welcome when I come to the office.

    Frank Harrison - HGV Driver Nottingham

  • I have worked for your agancy for over three years.  Work is shared fairly and jobs are well paid... I would not hesitate to recommend you to other drivers.

    Richard Jowett . HGV 1 Driver - Newark

  • Your agancy is a very professional company and very organised.  I’m happy with the way things are being run.

    James Cox. HGV Foods Tanker Driver. Kings Lynn

  • Everything with the recruitment went well. I’m very happy with the professionalism of your business and looking forward to working with you.

    Lee Corcoran. Immingham HGV 1 Fuels Driver

  • I have been in this driving business for almost 42 years so I have dealt with a lot of agencies in the past and I can truthfully say this is the best one I have been to. I have had consistent work on shunting at a Nottingham client and I have almost always been given the work I ask for. It’s a very loyal team and a great set up.

    Charles Clarke . HGV Terberg Shunter. Nottingham

  • I Chris Arnold am taking the time in writing this e-mail to PDRS because I feel that in this day and age praise is becoming less and less. Having worked for a few agencies on and off within my working life, I have finally found one that is actually worth working for. In the past I have been promised this and that, lied too and just been treated as another employee on their list. This is not the case at PDRS. No excuses, no lies just it is what it end is of. But like I say the general sensuous of PDRS is they are there for you. I started that other job, and there were no surprises. Apart from learning how the company I work for do their thing, it was exactly how it was explained. I cannot praise PDRS enough and would recommend this agency to anyone. Not all agencies are the same, which is a statement I would have never thought would come from my mouth, trust me. Thankyou PDRS.

    Chris Arnolnd - HGV 1 Shunter - Derby


The Driver Certificate of Professional Competence has been introduced to the UK through EU Directive 2009/59. It is a new qualification that all lorry, coach and bus drivers will need if they wish to drive professionally for a living.


Our aim is to become the leading supplier to your business, by building a long term relationship based around a detailed understanding of your organisation and your requirements.


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Professional Driving Recruitment Services Ltd was established in 2006 and is located in NG7 Nottingham. We have a team of dedicated and experienced individuals all with a background from UK's transport industry.